Christopher Banke recognized his passion for dog training very early, when he was just a teen and he started training his Doberman, Dana. In fact, he established the Algemeiner Schutzhund Club when he was only 15 because he was certain that he had found his true calling. While there, an older, more experienced trainer named Margarete Iaquinto, caused him to direct his passion for training to German Shepherds. It was good that she did, since he worked to become one of the best trainers in the United States. That distinction, which he earned through hard work, brought him a lot of dogs to train, which in turn improved his skills to an even greater degree. He became so good that he opened his own dog training business, “Chris Banke Protection Dog Trainer” before he had even turned 20.

For the next 30 years of his distinguished career, Christopher Banke has, of course, coached and trained a great many dogs, but he has also accomplished a lot in other ways. For example, he became the first American to compete in the RSV2000 World Championship with his dog, Iriac vd Maineiche in the IPO 3- handler-owner trained (HOT) category. Then, in 2003, Christopher’s dog “Dino von der Maineiche”, received the 2nd highest Schutzhund/IPO 3 score in US history, reaching a trial score of 297. Dino also featured prominently in another great accomplishment in 2008, when he played the guard dog in the Oscar-nominated film, “Frozen River,” which was directed by Courtney Hunt.

After gaining so much experience and training many dogs to the IPO/Schutzund III level and doing a lot of coaching and helper work for a great many competitive handlers, Christopher Banke started his own breeding kennel. His training business is still going strong in northern Vermont to this day.