Christopher Banke

There are many reasons why Christopher Banke is highly regarded as one of the best dog trainers in the country. However, no single reason is more relevant than the fact that he discovered dog training as a passion at the tender age of 15 and he has been working since then to become the best. That means he has been doing this for about three decades and he seems to be considered among the best anywhere. He looks young, but he has put in the time to know everything about his profession.

Chris Banke’s dedication to the profession he loves seems to be endless. He is a lot more than a dog trainer and a business owner; Christopher Banke is a strong activist for his profession. Chris has memberships in many dog training organizations that have a lot to do to keep the training profession in good shape. For example, he is a founding member and current Vice President for Schaeferhund Schutzhund Club, an organization for which he has served for quite some time. He also was a co-founder of both the Pinebarrens Schutshund Club and The Mid-Island Schutzhund Club and he has served as training director for both at one time or another.