Christopher BankeOne of the key reasons why Chris Banke is considered one of the best dog trainers in the business probably comes from his longevity. He has well over 30 years of dog training experience in his background. He may seem too young for that, but it is fascinating to consider that he started training dogs when he was a fresh-faced kid of just 15. The startling thing about it is that he was just so good, even at the beginning. Another amazing factor has been his almost total dedication to his profession and his strong activism.

Chris Banke is well-known for his activism within the dog training community, which manifests itself in the form of memberships in numerous training organizations. He actually co-founded three very prominent organizations: the Schaeferhund Schutzhund Club, for whom he has also served as vice president, and The Pinebarrens Schutshund Club and The Mid-Island Schutzhund Club, for whom he also served as training director for a time.